Denis Shields

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Biography and current research

Denis Shields studied genetics, bioinformatics and molecular evolution (completing a PhD with Paul Sharp at Trinity College Dublin). He worked in the University of Southampton on genetics with Newton Morton, and in companies on clinical trials and genetics (as Biometrics Manager in ICON, Dublin, and as Managing Director of Surgen Ltd, Dublin).

He has been in University College Dublin as Professor of Clinical Bioinformatics since 2005, where he set up the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology PhD programme (over 90 students since commencement in 2007) and is Director of the UCD Centre for Bioinformatics, based in the Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research.

His main research interest is to better understand the evolution and interaction of short bioactive peptides, including those embedded within proteins and those released during food digestion. He teaches modules in Bioinformatics and in Personalised Medicine to undergraduates.